…to Buddhist Light International Association (BLIA) – Young Adult Division (YAD). Manchester BLIA Young Adult Division was established since 1998. We are a part of a worldwide multinational organisation with the headquarters located in Taiwan.

We run regular activities that help us learn about Buddhism, extend our network/friendship, develop our skills/career prospects and simply to have and share fun! Our activities run parallel to Buddhism, allowing us to learn and implement Master Hsing Yun’s teachings. We hope to provide a platform that can help each of us develop personally and spiritually.

Benefits of joining include – gain experience and skills; find like-minded friends; explore places not visited; help with life challenges; prepare for university or work and engage in volunteer opportunities.

Examples of what we do – we run a monthly cooking group, study group on Buddhist teaching, prepare for temple activities and events; have social meals out, karaoke, badminton sessions, and hikes. We also have yearly conferences and camps around the world!

Central to the YAD is taking part in volunteering with temple activities. We hope to share joy, hope, convenience and confidence to all!


  1. Taking Humanistic Buddhism as source of direction and support.
  2. Providing a support network, home for personal growth, health and future.
  3. Providing young adults opportunities to grow and develop potential.
  4. Chance to give/share and apply resourcefulness e.g. mindfulness.
  5. Developing a supportive relationship between the BLIA and YADs.
  6. Live life to the full through wisdom and compassion.

We are also motivated to consider the following:

Three Good Deeds – Thinking, Speaking and Doing.

Four G’s – Give convenience, give joy, give hope, give confidence.

Five Precepts – Refrain from the taking of life, taking of intoxicants, lying, stealing, sexual misconduct.

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Our activity report

You can download our annual report by clicking the link below:

YAD AGM Booklet 2015